Our Purpose

The purpose of the Bartley PTO is to encourage a good relationship between parents, administrators, and teachers of students of Bartley Elementary so that parents and educators may cooperate in the education of the student.

Coat Check Out/In Program

FPS Policy state that the following guidelines be followed:

  • Above 60 degrees - no jacket required
  • Between 50 and 59 degrees - light jacket required
  • Below 50 degrees - heavy coat required

During times of temperature fluctuation, we often have several students who don't have the necessary jacket or coat, thus they aren't able to go outside to participate in recess. Since it is beneficial for all students to engage in physical activity during whole class breaks such as recess, the PTO sponsors a Jacket/Coat Check Out & In Program. There is a limited number of jackets and coats available, so it is not guaranteed that all students who need a jacket or coat can be provided one on any particular day.

This program is NOT intended to permanently supply a coat or jacket to students. It is a TEMPORARY accommodation for students.

Please note: Jackets and coats are treated with a preventative lice spray and periodically washed to eleminate the spread of pests.

Also: Donations of gently used coats and jackets in all sizes are greatly appreciated, and can be dropped off in the Bartley School office.

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